There is no skill in manual therapy…?

No bullshit or jumbo jumbo…

The Sports Physio

I’m guessing if you are reading this then you are probably a manual therapist, and probably a little pissed off with the title of my blog that’s just called into question your skill, your training and your experience! But before you ‘blow a fuse‘, please hear me out and continue to read on a little further!

So a few weeks ago, just for a change, I posted a controversial tweet that said…

It had a mixed response, some agreeing, some disagreeing and as usual the odd smart arsed remark. So I thought I would expand on this thought a bit more and explain why I think this way and provide some evidence to back it up.

Anyone can do manual therapy

I truly believe anyone can ‘do’ manual therapy, without training, without experience and without skill and get just as good, if not better results than a…

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